🚁 Tourism & Conservation

Sri Lankan tech firm PickMe debuts JumJum in Nepal, targeting the extensive motorcycle market through a strategic partnership with Nepal's F1Soft.

Kenton Cool and Kami Rita achieve new Everest summit records, highlighting the ongoing allure and challenges of climbing the world's highest peak.

Explore Nepal's court ruling on climbing permits, aiming to preserve mountain environments amidst concerns of overcrowding and ecological integrity.

Explore Nepal's tourism milestone with over 100,000 international visitors in a month, driven by increased arrivals from India, China, the USA, and others.

Explore the recent intense wildfire near Nepal's capital, the nation's escalating wildfire incidents, health impacts , and safety measures against them.

China has waived visa fees for Nepali citizens traveling to China, aiming to strengthen ties and enhance tourism between the two nations.

Know about the fire in Banke National Park and the combating action; know about the fire control line, reason for the forest fire and how to control it.

Explore the establishment of a field office for managing mountaineering activities for the spring season 2024 at Everest Base Camp (EBC).

Explore International Mother Earth Day's origins, Nepal's biodiversity efforts, and global sustainability awareness on this environmental action day.

Learn about Mount Everest's route changes after 10 years; Also the role of Icefall Doctors in preparing the perilous Khumbu Icefall for climbers.

Thamel and Durbarmarg districts switch to 24-hour operations with new code of conduct and security measures, Economy and nightlife boost and enhancement.

Nepal Army's Mountain Cleaning Campaign 2024 aims to remove 10 tonnes of Everest trash, promoting sustainability and combating environmental impact.