Nepal Allocates Rs11.91 Billion for Tourism in 2024-25 Budget

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Nepal Budget 2024-2025_Tourism
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Nepal's 2024-25 budget allocates Rs11.91 billion for tourism. Plans include promoting wedding tourism and enhancing infrastructure with Rs5.46 billion.

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Finance Minister Barshaman Pun has announced the budget for the fiscal year 2024-25, designating Rs11.91 billion for the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation. The government has set an ambitious target of attracting 1.6 million tourists in the forthcoming year.

To enhance Nepal's appeal as a wedding destination, the finance minister outlined plans to accommodate foreign tourists coming for wedding ceremonies. This initiative aims to highlight various cultural and tourist sites within the country. Additionally, the government will lease state-owned lands to private entities for the construction of hotels, aiming to boost tourist numbers. Essential services such as roadways, electricity, and water will be provided to these new hotels through collaboration between local and provincial governments.

Moreover, Rs 5.46 billion has been allocated to bolster tourism infrastructure. This funding will be used for projects like repairing roadways and setting up tourist rescue centers in areas prone to risks. The Tourism Department will oversee the expenditure of this budget.

For the previous fiscal year, the budget allocated to the culture, tourism, and aviation sector was Rs 11.96 billion. Also to promote domestic tourism, a campaign was proposed to be conducted with the slogan "Visit Nepal, Know Nepal". Promotion of local pilgrimages, culture, festivals, and tourist destinations was on the agenda. The year 2023-2032 was decided to celebrate as the Tourism Decade.