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Explore the export of medicinal herbs worth Rs. 700 million by Nepal in nine months highlighting optimistic trends in the herb trading sector.

The Nepalese Ambassador visits the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry, discussing trade and potential collaborations to boost bilateral ties.

A groundbreaking agreement between India and Nepal paves the way for seamless cross-border digital payments, enhancing financial connectivity.

Overwhelming response to job vacancy in the manufacturing sector in South Korea: over 143,500 Nepali youths apply for around 16000 available vacancies.

The NPCI and NCHL aim to revolutionize cross-border transactions, enabling seamless digital payments between India and Nepal from late Feb 2024.

Nepal-India discuss ways to enhance economic partnership, foster industrial development & address post-pandemic challenges in Economic Summit in Birgunj.

ADB approves $166 million financing to Nepal; Aims at climate-resilient urban development, eco-tourism, and improving the quality of life.

📌 5 months ago

Federation of Handicraft Association reveals Nepal's impressive handicraft export figures, emphasizing the sector's economic impact and challenges.

Nepal is receiving grants from German government, Saudi Arabia and India; Draft Agreement to be finalised for NRs 13 Billion World Bank Loan.

South Korea requests 16,000 Nepali workers for its manufacturing sector. EPS Korea starts the application process, with online submissions to open .

Koshi Province witnesses growth in production and export of cash crops. Tea leaves, black cardamom, ginger, and broom grass contributes to the economy.

📌 5 months ago

Lamjung's booming large cardamom industry: Farmers earned 240 million rupees in FY 2080-81. Explore growth zones and strains for sustainable farming.