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Sikkimese-Nepali film "Tara: The Lost Star" makes its Cannes debut, celebrating Himalayan culture and marking a milestone for regional cinema.

The Great Himalayan Race: 51-stage challenge on Nepal's GHT, 2nd edition starts 9 April '24. 44 runners face epic heights in a 1,700km odyssey."

📌 2 months ago

Explore Nepal's position in the latest World Happiness Report and strategies for enhancing through economic, cultural, and governance initiatives.

Discover the Global Peace for Prosperity conference in Lumbini, Nepal, fostering harmony, investment, tourism, and cultural dialogue for global prosperity.

Explore the upcoming 25th Floral Expo in Kathmandu, showcasing Nepal's vibrant floriculture industry, its potential, and the challenges it faces.

Revision to mountaineering regulations by Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality, limiting helicopter transportation beyond Syangboche.

📌 3 months ago

Nepal plans to mandate electronic chips for Everest climbers to aid in emergencies. Explore the pros and cons of this for mountaineering safety.

Nepal's first entry at Berlin International Film Festival, "Shambhala," enthralls with a tale of spiritual exploration against the Himalayan backdrop.

Nepali citizens traveling to India can acquire Indian SIM cards using personal documents, fostering convenience in communication.

Stopover Village to Chho-Rolpa Lake, Nan at an elevation of 4,180m , enlightened with solar energy; Explore the potential of Solar Energy in Nepal.

Conservation experts emphasize urgent action to protect vulnerable Himalayan wolf populations in response to findings from the 2023 IUCN Red List.

Dive into Coca-Cola's half-century legacy in Nepal with a special quiz offering exciting prizes and reflecting on the brand's enduring impact on society.