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Health experts warn Nepal of potential risk as a mysterious respiratory illness affecting Chinese children spreads. WHO urges global vigilance.

For the first time in Nepal, groundbreaking 'Nikaidoh' heart surgery is successfully performed on a 7-year-old, correcting congenital defects.

Nepalese cardiologist Dr. Om Murti Anil achieves Guinness World Record for cardio-health live stream; Plans global heart health awareness expansion.

Elephant Health Camp 2023 at Sauraha, Chitwan started; Crucial check-ups and treatments for Chitwan National Park's and privately owned elephants.

USDA adds Nepal to the list of African Swine Fever (ASF), a highly contagious pig disease, affected regions; Major threat to the global pork industry.

WHO veteran Dr. Shambhu Acharya, Nepal's WHO South East Asia Regional Director candidate, seeks India's support for broader global health collaboration.

World Arthritis Day 2023: Empowering Lives and Raising Awareness on Arthritis. Symptoms, Treatments, and Herbal Remedies Explored.

Emphasizing heart health on World Heart Day: Essential safety guidelines for hikers in Nepal's Himalayas. Ensure your heart's safety while embracing nature's grandeur.

Explore watercress, known as सिमसाग, and its rise to fame as one of the world's most nutritious vegetables. A healthy choice with a rich legacy.

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Explore the recent surge in scrub typhus cases in Nepal and its implications for tourists. Stay informed and travel safely with our comprehensive guide.

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Buzzing Alert: Nepal faces the sneaky White Moth. Learn about its impact on crops and potential health risks. Stay informed and protect your eyes!

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Visiting Nepal in September or October? Exercise caution with wild mushrooms. Learn about the risks of toxic species and how to stay safe during your trip.