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📌 23 hours ago

The U.S. returns ancient Nepali artifacts, including Bhairav masks and sculptures, confiscated during investigations into illicit trafficking.

Archaeologists unveil ancient monasteries and relics in Nawalparasi, Ramgram. Exciting discoveries shed light on Buddha's legacy; Excavation Ongoing.

Chhath Festival, celebrated over four days, unfolds ancient Hindu traditions, worshiping the Sun God. Explore rituals, history, and its cultural impact.

Nepal Hajj Committee extends 2024 pilgrimage application deadline for the spiritual journey to Mecca for Nepali Muslims to November 26.

📌 3 weeks ago

Discover Kukur Tihar, Nepal's revered Dog Puja, celebrating the bond with dogs, promoting compassion, and fostering cultural and traditional values.

Celebrate Tihar, a vibrant five-day Hindu festival, honoring animals & deities, culminating in Bhai Tika, a joyous tribute to sibling bonds and culture.

A new Nepalese address in Maryland, USA, - The Himalayan House, a Nepalese restaurant. Reopens with fresh decor and Nepali and Indian cuisine.

California's Fast-Growing Nepalese Community: Zomsa Brings Home Authentic Taste and Flavors to Contra Costa County" - A taste of Nepal in the Bay Area.

Dashain Festival: A 15-day vibrant cultural and traditional extravaganza honoring triumph of good over evil, family reunion, exchange of blessings and love

📌 3 months ago

Explore Nepal's rich fern biodiversity, their culinary and medicinal uses, and the urgent need for conservation in the face of modern threats.

Janai Purnima: Celebrating sibling bonds & divine protection. Hindu festival of love & unity.

Discover Gorkha's latest attraction: a luminous 52-kg quartz crystal. Dive into its significance, quality, and potential impact on Nepal's tourism.