Nepal Tourism 2023: Visitor Arrivals Surge, Indicating Promising Growth

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Tourism Nepal 2023
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Nepal's tourism sector sees a surge with a 44.9% increase in foreign tourists in May 2023, led by visitors from India, the US, and China.

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Good news for Nepal's tourism industry! Foreign tourist arrivals have shown a significant increase, revealing a positive trend for the nation. In May 2023 alone, Nepal welcomed 77,703 happy tourists – a whopping 44.9% bump compared to the same time last year when just 53,608 visitors were there.

Among the top travelers visiting this beautiful country in May were Indian tourists, totaling up to 36,575 wanderers. Other enthusiastic explorers included 8,545 Americans, 4,667 Chinese, and folks from the UK (2,927), Australia (2,184), Bangladesh (2,164), Malaysia (1,321), Germany (1,165), France (1,097), and South Korea (1,039).

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) is beaming with confidence due to these developments as it boosts their hopes of reaching the government's ambitious goal of welcoming one million foreign tourists in 2023. They credit this growth to better connectivity options and relaxed COVID-19 restrictions combined with tireless promotion efforts from NTB and private sectors.

Between January and May 2023, over 400,000 globetrotters landed in Nepal via air. Each month saw an uptick in visitor numbers: January (55,074), February (73,255), March (99,426), April (98,773), and finally May with that incredible leap to 77,703!

The easing of COVID-19 measures like removing mandatory PCR tests and vaccination certificates for international flayers has breathed new life into tourism activities in Nepal. On top of that cherry-picked news: The World Tourism Organization predicts a global tourism recovery of up to 95% by 2023 - including Nepal's increasingly sought-after tourism sector.

Nepal's travel industry is soaring high! It's more tempting than ever for travelers thanks to its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and committed stakeholders. Nepal is steadily positioning itself as a shining gem in the world of tourism – so get ready to pack your bags and discover what this amazing destination has to offer!