USAID, Steller and Nepal Tourism Board Collaborate for Tourism

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Explore about USAID, Steller, and Nepal Tourism Board launching an International Tourism Campaign in Kathmandu to promote Nepal's attractions globally.

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On April 01, 2024, an initiative spearheaded by USAID alongside the Nepal Tourism Board and Steller, a notable global platform for travel storytelling, the International Tourism Campaign in Kathmandu, made an exciting campaign commencement. The goal of this new campaign is to magnify Nepal’s historical wealth, cultural tapestry, and the plentiful opportunities it offers for travelers, furthering the accomplishments of 2023 that captivated over 16.3 million travelers and garnered $15.8 million in media value.Β 

The campaign's next chapter will spotlight stories from international influencers on Steller, who will traverse Nepal's scenic locales like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Bardiya, and Illam to produce engaging videos and photographs. With projections of reaching more than 20 million viewers worldwide, this campaign is set to invigorate influxes of tourists and bolster Nepal's image as a top-tier tourism hotspot as per the release from the US Embassy in Kathmandu.

At the inaugural event, U.S. Ambassador Dean Thompson hailed Nepal's exceptional potential for tourism with mention of its varied terrains, biodiversity richness, and the pulse of its cultural life. Thompson reiterated USAID's resolute support to fortify Nepal's tourism industry as a means for fostering sustainable economic development.

In a similar vein, Nandini Lahe Thapa, serving as the acting CEO of the Nepal Tourism Board, celebrated the record-setting arrival of more than a million overseas tourists in 2023. She projected that this campaign would continue to drive momentum by drawing attention to Nepal's all-season tourist attractions and establishing it as a frontrunner among international travel spots.

This collaboration seizes on a mutual ambition to propel forward Nepal’s flourishing tourism sector by not only capturing imaginations but also by drawing investments designed to advance its tourism facilities and services, as shared by statements from the US Embassy.

About Nepal Tourism Board

The Nepal Tourism Board, established through a Parliament act in 1998, is a collaborative venture between the Government of Nepal and the country's private tourism industry. Its mandate is to promote and develop Nepal's appeal as an attractive travel destination. As the nation's authorized tourism organization, the Nepal Tourism Board is committed to positioning Nepal as a top-tier holiday spot on the global stage. It does so by joining Government intentions with the vitality of the private sector, devising a strategic approach to tourism leadership in Nepal. The Board is proactive in both domestic and international spheres, aiming to elevate Nepal’s profile while regulating and innovating tourism products.


Established as an autonomous United States government agency, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) primarily oversees the delivery of foreign aid and developmental support to countries worldwide. With an annual budget exceeding $50 billion, USAID stands as a leading aid institution internationally, contributing more than half of all U.S. foreign aidβ€”an amount unparalleled when measured in absolute dollars.

About Steller

Steller, introduced in 2018, is an avant-garde travel planning application that provides an all-in-one solution for personalized trip organization. The application features an array of tools including AI-driven itinerary creation, suggestions for universally popular and less-known destinations, and integrated reservation capabilities for accommodations, excursions, and various activities in selected areas. Additionally, it serves as a social platform by presenting travel narratives and user-contributed content for enriched exploration possibilities. Steller caters to those travelers who prefer finely-tuned expeditions, and unique excursion experiences and seek visual motivation when organizing their journeys. This application is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms.