How to get a "Tourist Visa" for Nepal

Discover Nepal, a captivating country that enchants travelers from across the globe with its rich culture, stunning landscapes, and exhilarating adventures. If you're planning a trip to Nepal for tourism purposes, you will require a tourist visa. Here are two hassle-free options to obtain your Nepalese tourist visa:

Option 1: Visa on Arrival

Experience a seamless journey to Nepal with the visa-on-arrival option. Obtain your tourist visa at the airport upon arrival, a convenient choice for most globetrotters. Opt for a 15, 30, or 90-day stay and pay the necessary fee either by cash or card. Enjoy the flexibility of entering and exiting Nepal multiple times during your vacation.

Follow these simple steps to get your visa on arrival:

1. Complete an arrival card provided on your flight or at the airport.
2. Fill out an online tourist visa form on the Department of Immigration website prior to your arrival or use an airport kiosk machine. If completed online, print the submission receipt with the barcode and bring it along with you. The online form expires after 15 days; fill it out again if necessary.
3. Proceed to the visa counter and pay your visa fee based on your intended stay duration.

Visa fees:
- 15 days: $30
- 30 days: $50
- 90 days: $125

4. Present your passport, arrival card, online form receipt, and visa fee receipt at the immigration desk. The officer will issue your visa and stamp your passport.

Option 2: Visa from a Nepalese Embassy or Consulate

Alternatively, acquire a tourist visa from a Nepalese embassy or consulate in your home country before departure. This may be preferable if you wish to skip airport queues or if you hail from one of the countries ineligible for visas on arrival. Complete an application form, provide two passport-sized photos, and pay corresponding visa fees. Additional documentation, such as a travel itinerary, hotel reservation confirmation, or letter of invitation from a Nepalese host, may be necessary. Processing times can vary.

Upon receiving your visa from a Nepalese diplomatic mission, ensure entry to Nepal within six months of issuance. Visa duration commences upon entering Nepal.

Important Information:

- The tourist visa is exclusively for tourism activities. For work, study, or volunteering visits, seek alternative visa options through the Department of Immigration in Kathmandu or Pokhara. Proof of purpose and length of stay is required.
- Extend your tourist visa up to 150 days within a visa year (January-December) at the Department of Immigration or its branch office in Pokhara. Extension fees include $45 for 15 days and $3 per day for additional days. Overstaying your visa will incur a $5 per day fine plus extension expenses.

Visa on arrival is not available for citizens of:

- Nigeria
- Ghana
- Zimbabwe
- Swaziland
- Cameroon
- Somalia
- Liberia
- Ethiopia
- Iraq
- Palestine
- Afghanistan
- Syria
- Refugees with travel documents

For further information and updates, please visit the Department of Immigration website: