🎬 How we work?

Nepal, a developing nation, primarily depends on agriculture and remittance to sustain its growth. While agriculture plays a key role in the local economy, remittance brings in crucial foreign currency. As an import-dependent country with a 90% trade deficit, Nepal faces the challenge of losing its young population to earn foreign currency.

For over 20 years, DreamWork Solution has been dedicated to agricultural development. Commodity export can potentially replace remittance, but it takes time to establish. In the meantime, tourism, particularly agrotourism, can bolster the economy and contribute to agricultural growth. This is where DreamWork Solution steps in with its non-commercial endeavor, Nepal Desk.

Nepal Desk aims to promote tourism in this captivating country by connecting agrotourism with rural economic development. Although national tourism can improve a nation's economic health, it is often not a sustainable method for inclusive geographic growth.

Despite being smaller than any of the 50 US states, Nepal boasts 8 of the world's 10 highest peaks and over 100 unique ecological zones waiting to be explored. It's ironic that the most economically challenged rural population resides in some of the most culturally and naturally abundant regions.

Nepal Desk guides you on an inclusive journey through Nepal's rural landscape, providing accurate information and personalized recommendations. As a software development company based in Nepal, DreamWork Solution leverages its local expertise and knowledge of tourism for cost-effective production with its talented in-house team.

DreamWork Solution is in the process of forming an independent unit within the company dedicated solely to NepalDesk. The specialized team will encompass professionals from tourism, software development, digital marketing, and content creation fields collaborating closely for an impeccable digital tourism portal promoting Nepal's beauty.

Being operated exclusively by DreamWork Solution, plans are underway to establish a sustainable business model for NepalDesk that enhances user experience through improved content and additional features. The ultimate goal? To provide you with an incredible, unforgettable journey through Nepal.