Janak Himal

Tucked away in eastern Nepal and stretching to Tibet's border, the breathtaking Janak Himal, a subrange of the larger Kanchenjunga Himal, awaits your visit. Renowned for its association with Kanchenjunga, the world's third-highest mountain, Janak Himal is truly remarkable.

Boasting an array of striking peaks, one standout is the extraordinary Jongsong Peak, rising to an eye-popping 7,462 meters (24,482 feet). Although awe-inspiring in its own right, Jongsong Peak typically takes a back seat to its more prominent neighbor, Kanchenjunga.

Adventurous climbers looking for both thrills and a sense of accomplishment can find it within Janak Himal's picturesque landscapes and rugged terrains. Offering sublime views and a fascinating variety of wildlife to admire along the way, Janak Himal is undoubtedly an essential destination for anyone seeking unforgettable experiences.