Cooking Class

Learning about regional food and culinary customs is possible through cooking classes in Nepal, which provide a fully comprehensive cultural experience. 

The western Nepali city of Pokhara is one of the most well-liked locations for cooking lessons. Visitors can enroll in culinary classes in Pokhara that are held in a typical Nepalese kitchen. Classic Nepalese meals like momos (dumplings), dal bhat (lentils and rice), and chow mein (stir-fried noodles) can be prepared by participants.

 Participants can explore the neighborhood market with their instructors while learning how to cook and buy fresh ingredients for the session and also learning about the distinctive herbs and spices that are utilized in Nepalese cuisine which may be uncommon in other cuisines. 

In a tranquil outdoor space, such as a garden or a terrace with views of the Himalayan mountains, participants can savor the meal they prepared after the lesson. Participants will have the chance to unwind and enjoy the delicacies of Nepalese food while admiring the gorgeous environment.