Bardia National Park - Birdlife

Bardiya National Park is a protected area located in the western Terai region of Nepal. The park covers an area of 968 square kilometers and is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including over 350 species of birds.

The park's diverse habitats, which include grasslands, riverine forests, and Sal forests, support a variety of bird species. Bardiya National Park is one of the best places in Nepal for birdwatching, and the park attracts many birdwatchers every year.

Some of the most commonly seen bird species in Bardiya National Park include the Bengal Florican, the Sarus Crane, the Peafowl, and the Red Junglefowl. The park is also home to several species of vultures, including the White-rumped Vulture and the Indian Vulture.

Other notable bird species found in the park include the Black-necked Stork, the Lesser Adjutant, the Pallas's Fish Eagle, and the Great Hornbill. Bardiya National Park is also one of the best places in Nepal to see the endangered and elusive Bengal Tiger.

Several bird species found in Bardiya National Park are considered threatened or endangered according to the IUCN Red List, including the Bengal Florican, the Sarus Crane, and the Black-necked Stork.

The best time to visit Bardiya National Park for birdwatching is from October to March. Birdwatching tours are available in the park, and visitors can hire a guide to explore the park's diverse habitats and spot different bird species.

In conclusion, Bardiya National Park is a paradise for birdwatchers in Nepal. With its diverse habitats and rich birdlife, it offers a unique and unforgettable birdwatching experience.