Shringi Himal

Nestled in the heart of Nepal and just south of the Tibetan border, Shringi Himal is a picturesque mountain range. Surrounded by the Shayar Khola valley to the east and Tom Khola to the west, this relatively compact area is quite remote by Himalayan standards. However, it boasts an impressive elevation of 5500 meters, which it achieves within just 13 kilometers of Tom Khola.

Chimar is the tallest peak in the Shringi Himal range, with its first successful summit recorded back in 1953. Though not among Nepal's highest mountains, its steep ridges and difficult terrain make it an ideal training ground for adventurers preparing to face even larger challenges such as Mount Everest.

Shringi Himal is part of the larger Manaslu Himalayan range, situated in west-central Nepal. The entire range is named after Mount Manaslu – the world's eighth-highest mountain. Shringi Himal serves as a noteworthy peak within this impressive collection of mountains. The Manaslu range is a significant portion of the Nepalese Himalayas and is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, diverse ecosystems, and rich cultural heritage spanning various ethnic groups that call this region home.