Great Mormon

Great Mormon

The Great Mormon (Papilio memnon) is a large species of swallowtail butterfly belonging to the family Papilionidae. It can be easily identified by its prominent wing markings, which vary significantly between males and females. Their wingspan ranges between 5-7 inches, making them one of the larger species of butterflies found in Southeast Asia.

Habitat and Distribution The Great Mormon

The preferred habitats of the Great Mormon Butterfly include tropical rainforests and wet deciduous forests up to an altitude of around 2,500 meters. In Nepal, they can be spotted on forest edges and are commonly found along riverbanks where they seek shelter under lush foliage during periods of rain.

Flight Behaviour and Pattern The Great Mormon

One key characteristic that sets the Great Mormon Butterfly apart from other species is its unique flight behaviour. They are strong fliers that cover considerable distances in search of food. These butterflies also perform graceful aerial displays when courting; fluttering in erratic patterns to attract potential mates.

Life Cycle The Great Mormon

The life cycle begins with the female butterfly laying her eggs on host plants with leaves their caterpillars can feed on. Once hatched, caterpillars will gorge themselves for two weeks before entering the pupal stage within protective cocoons known as chrysalises. After approximately another two weeks, a fully-formed adult Great Mormon Butterfly emerges, ready to take flight and continue the cycle.

Features and Behaviour: Male and Female Great Mormon

The most notable visual difference between male and female Great Mormon Butterflies is the strikingly different wing patterns. Male butterflies have black wings adorned with blue or green markings, while females are predominantly black with white, red, and blue spots. Females also exhibit sexual dimorphism, with multiple diverse morphs bearing variations in wing patterns.

When it comes to behaviour, male Great Mormon Butterflies are known to be territorial. They actively seek and defend their territories from competing males, using swift aerial manoeuvres to drive off intruders.

Distribution and Spotting of The Great Mormon Butterfly in Nepal

For nature enthusiasts and photographers, capturing images of these elusive creatures can be a thrilling experience. The best time to spot the Great Mormon Butterfly in Nepal is during the warmer months when they venture into more open areas in search of nectar-rich flowers for sustenance.

In conclusion, the Great Mormon Butterfly is an awe-inspiring creature that offers a fantastic opportunity for both budding and experienced lepidopterists. By understanding more about their habitats and behaviours, you stand a better chance of witnessing these beautiful insects in action within the stunning landscapes of Nepal.